12 Fun No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas For Halloween This Year

Pumpkin is a decoration that cannot be separated from Halloween. Like previous years, this Halloween, we will still see many pumpkin decorations that fill almost all parts of the house. So it is not excessive if the most enjoyable activities is to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, even the kids also loved it. But sometimes pumpkin carvings are often not quite what we expect, after making a mess of the house until we are not satisfied with the pumpkin carvings we make, not to mention the children still decorate more pumpkins.

Try pumpkin decoration ideas without carving if you need a pumpkin decoration alternative that is no less fun. Avoid injury especially for children who love to play with their pumpkins, which is why we always have extra pumpkins, or craft pumpkins that you can buy or make yourself with the kids. This fun pumpkin design will make the whole family feel good and is a good choice for Halloween this year.

1. This no carve pumpkin in the shape of a lion’s head looks cute and will be loved by every child. Use popcorn cups, paper trimmings and adorable lion faces. Great as a Halloween party decoration for kids

2. Halloween pumpkins don’t have to be creepy all the time. Showing a family photo of a no carve pumpkin is also a great way to celebrate Halloween

3. Kids to adults love superhero characters, so why don’t you make one on a pumpkin without a carving. This Halloween pumpkin idea is inspired by the superhero Batman complete with masks and other decorations

4. At first glance, pumpkins do look like cacti, but what if you really made them into cactus decorations complete with pots and flowers that bloom at the top like this pumpkin idea without carving

5. Candy aren’t just for tricks or complements at the dinner table. Use them to cover the pumpkin without carving that looks very tasty. To do this, it is enough to simply glue together the colorful candy and shape it to your liking

6. Good news for football lovers. You can try making an unscrewed football pumpkin to show everyone during Halloween

7. I like sweet smelling things like cookies and donuts, even during Halloween celebrations. Make a delicious-looking donut-shaped pumpkin for your next no-carve pumpkin idea

8. These no carve pumpkins are gorgeous and symbolize autumn. Use it as a focal point in the center of the dining table or add style to the decor

9. Halloween means there will be lots of scary decorations. Do not miss this mummy pumpkin will enliven your Halloween with a simple cloth bandage

10. Create a prickly friend that every child will love. This hedgehog pumpkin is adorable with candy decorations that you can enjoy with the kids

11. Everyone loves ice cream, so why not make pumpkin ice cream for Halloween this year?

12. Unicorn is one decoration that will enliven your Halloween party. Make unicorn pumpkin shapes unscathed with a few simple decorations and don’t forget their horns that look like candy

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