10 Best Small Christmas Tree Ideas To Welcome Holiday

Christmas cannot be separated from the accompanying decorations, and is one of the important elements in Christmas decorations, especially if it is not a Christmas tree. There’s something really appealing when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, whether it’s traditional or I just love lots of lights and ornaments. Although the Christmas tree is identical to the large-scale celebrations, this year I want to make something simpler. With this little Christmas tree you can still jazz up the holiday mood, even if it’s a DIY Christmas tree you made yourself.

Christmas celebrations will still be memorable even if you don’t have a towering tree at home. Another advantage is that you can place more than one Christmas tree in different spaces, so are you ready to swap out your fir trees for these small trees? Or if this doesn’t convince you, take a look at easy DIY Christmas tree ideas that will give you a new feel over the holidays, and certainly don’t lose to a typical spruce!

1. Paper bag Christmas tree

Inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected things, such as the Christmas tree is wrapped in a simple paper bag. And the final touch, you just need to place it on a wooden bench or display rack.

2. Beachy Christmas tree

Give the Christmas tree a unique touch by adding a lovely beach theme. Add beach ornaments such as shells, starfish, or other beach-themed ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree.

3. Small Christmas tree in the window seat

Take advantage of a window seat to display your Christmas tree. Although it looks small and simple but beautiful look to be near a window with a background in natural light.

4. Bottle Christmas tree

This Christmas tree idea is very easy and can be done by anyone. Use a glass bottle then fill it with water to keep the Christmas tree fresh.

5. Rustic small Christmas tree for kids

Looks beautiful for kids bedrooms. This small Christmas tree has a charming rustic look that will keep their dreams at night.

6. Scandi basket tree

I am one of those who like Scandinavian style for Christmas decorations, and this Scandinavian Christmas tree complements it with a wicker blanket and basket that warms the atmosphere.

7. Minimalist small Christmas tree

Create a minimalist Christmas decoration in your bedroom with a beautiful little Christmas tree. Don’t go overboard, a white Christmas tree decoration is more than enough to make a statement.

8. Tabletop Christmas tree

Tabletop Christmas tree is not only easy to make but also gives a unique decoration to your room. Very nice to be on top of the coffee table or the living room table to enhance the decor.

9. Bucket Christmas tree

Vintage or farmhouse style is also this year’s favorite Christmas decoration, give it a touch by placing a small DIY Christmas tree using old buckets and old boots.

10. Small pink Christmas tree

If you are bored with traditional Christmas tree, give an adorable touch to choose a Christmas tree pink. Despite its small size, this Christmas tree will make a lovely decoration in your display cabinet.

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