20 DIY Vintage Book Walls To Decorate Your Home

Used books may not mean for those who do not like to read books, but for a book lover and a collector, this is a priceless treasure. It is difficult to ignore the existence of old books that may have accompanied your past days, but for some reason these old books are no longer available on the bookshelf, either because you really understand their contents or are damaged by age factor. It’s a shame to throw away but not very useful to store, so why not use them as decorations? This collection of used books might be a great alternative to add a vintage touch to your walls. From wallpaper to wall art books, this is what you need to add art to your room!

Have you ever thought about throwing away old books or getting rid of piles of unused books? If you think so, you shouldn’t throw it or sell it just yet. It is true that throwing away or selling used books that are outdated is not wrong, but did you know that these used books can become amazing art works if used and modified in the right way. Books are everything, even though you think used books are meaningless anymore, I am sure they have played a role in your life. Each object has a value, especially if you are a book lover who likes to be happy collection of old books.

Then how do you reuse used books so that they can be turned into artistic home decorations? Today I will show how these old books would be decorating your walls are difficult to ignore. Get a vintage look with this DIY book wall and create it with your imagination. For example, you can make wallpaper from old books, wall hangings by adding frames, paintings from old books, or crafts for wall decoration. Whatever your creations, this decoration is the best reason you really do not need to spend a lot of budget, so it is very easy and cheap. Get inspired!

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