Turquay House With Great Ocean Accents

This house may look simple but if you look deeper then you will know that this is a dream beachfront home for most people. Located at the end of Victoria’s surf coast at the gateway of the Great Ocean Road, there is Project Felix by Leyer which is a seaside house that adapts simple but beautiful in style. Shaped wooden cabins suitable for Torquay beach as inspiration in the architecture of modern Australia, the family home was built by their owners in just five and a half months.

Designed and built by a married couple Damien and Rebecca Leijer, this beautiful beach house resembles a wooden cabin that embraces the ocean air and a calming atmosphere to create a main residence for their family. With smooth accents on flowing lines, warm curves and lightweight wood features, located only 150 meters from Fishermen’s Beam and the picturesque coastline that traces the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, Project Felix is an accurate depiction of the same family residence that love the beach.


























source: thelocalproject

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