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the grooming retreat

Most of us must have dreamed to have a hidden retreat away from the crowds where we can daydream and find peace. Inspired by the same thing, Mariana de Delas architects her successfully designed The Grooming Retreat as a place of care, rest and contemplation. Being in the south of Mallorca, amongst the wild olive trees, this retreat offers to clients who are tired of living city life especially for a young urban professional. They offer a pleasant experience to return to their hometown and take care of the farm heritage. Private space standing in the middle of olive fields and familiar with the riding stations, water reservoirs, and the castle overlooking the natural landscape of Mallorca. A perfect place to be alone, and when you get back then you will be ready for everyday routine. This is an experience you should try!

the grooming retreat in wild olive trees


retreat riding stations


the grooming retreat design


riding stations with water reservoirs


the grooming retreat path


the grooming retreat in the south of mallorca


the grooming retreat with amazing view


the grooming retreat interior


the grooming retreat to rest and relaxing


the grooming retreat ideas


the grooming retreat with open concept


the grooming retreat with wood accents


the grooming retreat for back hometown


the grooming retreat lighting design

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