20 Wood Kitchen Backsplashes with Modern Touches

minimalist white kitchen design with wood backsplash and natural feel

Adding wood elements into the decor is always popular and never seems to be timeless. Wood is a timeless material that is suitable for any room, they are never out of fashion with all kinds of styles and color schemes. These elements can be easily encountered in every part of modern homes today, they look beautiful for furniture, wall statements, wooden stairs, and floors where everyone is familiar with them. But for me wooden backsplash is the most unique ideas that you can try to design your kitchen the next, even if you think wood and plywood is not the best idea for the kitchen because of the humidity and prone to splashes of fat or water. Nowadays many interior designers have designed kitchen backsplash using wood with modern touch, so you can be a little relieved even you will be surprised with what you can do with wooden kitchen backsplashes.

Wooden kitchen backsplashes is able to create a chic room with a refreshingly natural look. This is very useful when you want a little natural touch to modern kitchen style, it is a creative way to stand out with backsplashes. Wood and plywood of all kinds are very easy to combine with modern kitchen, and if you want an elegant look, add a glass or acrylic screen to the overall length of the backsplash or in the cooking zone. In addition to beautifying your wooden kitchen, this idea will also protect the wooden backsplashes from unwanted stains. Here are 20 wooden kitchen backsplash ideas that will make your cooking became more excited, let’s check it out!

wooden kitchen backsplashes with glass screen


white kitchen with wooden backsplashes


stylish white kitchen with wooden backsplash and led lights


small kitchen island with wood backsplashes


pretty kitchen design with wood tiles backsplashes


modern white kitchen design with wooden floors and backsplashes


modern kitchen design with wood backsplashes and black accents


modern kitchen decor with wood backsplash and sleek cabinets


modern black kitchen with wooden backsplashes


minimalist white kitchen with wooden glass backsplashes


glossy minimalist kitchen with wooden backsplash and amazing lights


glossy kitchen design with plywood backsplashes


cute and modern kitchen with wooden backsplashes


cool white kitchen with small dining areas


contempory kitchen cabinet with wood backsplash decor


chic and stylish wood kitchen backsplash ideas


chic and modern wooden kitchen backsplashes ideas


bright and white kitchen with wood backsplashes


amazing small kitchen with large wooden wall and backsplashes

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