February 23, 2024

Cool Triple Monitor Battlestation And Gaming Setups

cool triple monitor computer gaming setups

I am truly inspired by a cool sub-reddit called Battlestations. It consists of pictures triple monitors and gaming setups. Some work even really detailed, I think a lot of games, all of them are awesome and I’m sure every boy will like it. Modern computer room was also faced with a view of city parks, it is very useful to provide fresh air when serious gaming. After spending some time going through these pictures so I decided to share in this post. Although I know maybe from you’ve seen it, I still feel quite excited. Maybe it’s time I started to think back to improve my game monitor. So let us see what makes the computer room is so cool!

cool triple monitor battlestation setups


cool nzxt computer gaming case

Specs: 4930K, Asus RIVBE, EVGA 780ti SLI, Corsair H100i, NZXT H440, Corsair ax860i, Samsung 840 Pro 256GB, Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866 16GB, Corsair white sleeved cables, Painted white backplates, White tubing wrapped around H100i tubes

computer gaming setup ideas


triple laptops gaming setups

Laptops top to bottom: 13″ Macbook Air, 15″ Retina Macbook Pro, 17″ Razer Blade Pro. (Going to sell Macbook Pro)

cool wood headphone ideas

Headphones: Parrot Zik, B&O Play H6

fully functional daft punk helmet

Fully functional Daft Punk helmet.

computer gaming fan

Huge fan of Charles and Ray Eames.

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