February 23, 2024

Lee-Lou Room with Pink Decorations

Lee-lou room designs

Checking Lee-lou room is like walking in a dream kid, pink room decor everywhere slightly cheerful and very sweet. This room is designed to provide comfort and facilitate their kids with various games, wooden horse, ornate ceiling and ice cream carts there. For those of you who have girls could try to imitate it, I’m happy with the idea of ​​a hot air balloon and sky trinkets for Lee-lou room, everything seemed to fly and carry them in a dream world. Although most are handmade or even a DIY project, I still find pleasure to see something or review in detail. Look inspirational room ideas and treat your child’s room with this sweet!

pink nursery room ideas


pink kids room with sky ornament


pink kids room ideas


Lee-lou playing house design


Lee-lou ice cream toys


Lee-lou hanging ornaments


Lee-lou gift accessories


Lee-lou bed ideas


kids ballon accessories


ice cream cart toys


child safe decor

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