February 1, 2023

DIY Hanging Fence Garden in Backyard

DIY hanging backyard garden

Originally backyard is just a wooden fence and some older plant, eventually taking the initiative to change it as a DIY garden project before the day is really too hot. The steps taken are very simple, owner home cooking pizza and have a lot of canned tomatoes that come in and start to think to use it. Finally, our attention falls on garden fence, they make pots plant of the former tin tomatoes. The first label is removed canned then punched some holes in the bottom for drainage, take spray paint and start decorating. Cans taped using a drill and stacking as you wish, the last plant to enhance your favorite.

DIY garden project is already to be created since the summer of last year, but only now can actually be realized. It really makes difference in the backyard house, here are photos of the actual before last year to build a garden box hanging along the fence, follow the tutorial fun in the picture!

backyard before fence garden


backyard tin garden materials


backyard tin blue paint garden


DIY backyard garden tutorial


DIY hanging fence gardens


diy hanging plant fence garden


DIY hanging tin fence garden


DIY tin pot garden


DIY hanging tin fence design


DIY flower tin pots


DIY backyard fence garden

source: cieradesign

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