February 23, 2024

11 Guys Bedroom Ideas That Must Be Crazy With Music


Designing a guys bedroom is actually not as complicated as you might imagine. The reason is because guys like simple things that can make them comfortable in the bedroom. One thing that differentiates a guy’s bedroom from a girl’s bedroom is of course their interests and personality, and if you happen to be a guy then it’s almost certain that you’re crazy about music.

Sometimes, guys want to keep their room simple and organized, in some cases they even really want it personalized. So, you need to add whatever decoration elements you like. This way, you can determine what not to include and what best reflects your personality. Apart from that, bedroom music gives you more inspiration and makes life feel more colorful. If you’re interested in bringing more music into your room, here are some of the most popular ideas to inspire you!

1. Express yourself with a poster


You don’t have to be someone who is good at playing music or have a large collection of musical instruments to design a musical bedroom. In some cases, guys need media to display their personality, for example decorating the walls with posters of their favorite bands or creating an amazing music wall gallery.

2. The cave is clean and minimalist


Most guys are not fans of luxurious bedroom designs which make them happier with a minimalist, modern or Scandinavian atmosphere. This guys bedroom provides a clean look suitable for a dynamic lifestyle. From furniture, storage areas, to musical equipment, it becomes part of the decoration and enlivens the atmosphere of the room.

3. Timeless retro style


Most guys who like music are heavily influenced by rock or pop music from the 80s to 90s. This music genre has been popular throughout time and is often used as inspiration for today’s bedroom designs. For example, a bed with a retro feel looks comfortable with a simple arrangement, a wardrobe made of matching materials, and even a vinyl record that attracts attention as a wall display.

4. Trendy with lights


If you are someone who likes a modern atmosphere with sophisticated decoration, the extraordinary music-themed bedroom inspiration above is most worth considering. We love how the lighting idea really plays into this musical bedroom. From the neon wall lights to the LED lights under the bed, we can see this bedroom was designed for teenage boys.

5. Be a rock star


The bedroom is the most private area where you are free to express yourself and be anything you want. So, make your dream of becoming a rock star come true by designing a room according to your interests and dreams. To achieve a bolder look for your bedroom, the best way is to choose a masculine color scheme and bold industrial style.

6. Modern vibe


For guys who have a lot of things to store, this is the most suitable musical bedroom design for you. We love how wall shelves can keep everything in its rightful place. This modern bedroom has enough space for music, studying, and even resting after a tiring day.

7. Eye-catching artwork


Because guys like things that are simple but for them are cool, minimizing decorations and then replacing them with various works of art can be an alternative. Here there are various accessories, posters, patterns and graphics that still display musical elements.

8. Scandinavian interior


This may only be a small corner of the guys’ room but it is also the center of attention. One corner of the music room that upholds a clean look for the walls combined with wood veneer details on the surface. To add more detail, the best way to do it is to choose a linear pattern that best suits a masculine yet minimalist look.

9. Chalkboard wall


If you want a unique and inspiring look for your room, try adding a chalkboard or painting it a chalkboard color. In this case, the bedroom maintains a clean look in contrast to the cool chalkboard walls. There is more space for activities and creating works of art.

10. Exposed brick walls


Exposed brick walls are often associated with a masculine style and industrial feel. It’s the coolest look in a men’s bedroom and adds a statement. In this case, the brick wall is left visible as is to give a strong character to the room. The design is quite simple but has enough space to express yourself.

11. Be free and what you are


Every guy has a cool nature and doesn’t like complicated things. This has also become a lifestyle for those who want to appear as they are. The design concept is somewhat minimalist but there is enough wall and floor space to create clutter.

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