How To Make Fun Cat Playground For Indoor


For pet lovers, especially cats, they definitely want the best in care and shelter. Not only feeding them and drinking, even some cat lovers are willing to spend a lot of budget to change their interior to be cat friendly. Like the rest of the family, this furry friend is always adorable so you won’t mind pouring out some affection.

If you have a cat house at home, there may still be something missing without a comfortable playroom in the room. The idea of ​​a cat playground must look aesthetically pleasing to support the appearance of your interior, but also must not eliminate the functionality side. The cat playground must be able to blend with the existing concept of the room, not take up much space, and certainly be comfortable to use for cats. So, for those of you who are confused about how to create a fun cat garden? Here are some tips and inspiration.

Integrated with existing cabinet or furniture

The playground that blends with the furniture will save a lot of space. You can turn a dresser, side table, or coffee table into a cat’s house or part of their play area. Besides being practical and functional, you will always be with your beloved cat. However, this method must be done carefully so as not to make your interior look messy.


Ensure pet safety and comfort

It is customary for furry friends to climb and sit at the top. In order not to make things messy, try making wall shelves or hanging shelves that save space. Besides being safe for pets, your cat will feel comfortable napping above.


Multifunctional playground

The idea of a multifunctional cat playground combines function and comfort factors. You can choose furniture that can be used both as furniture or as part of a cat playground. For example, a coffee table can be turned into a cat house, or a coat hanger can be turned into a cat tree at the same time.


Bring a refreshing green effect

Basically, the cat is a type of animal that likes to be outdoors. So that they don’t get bored quickly in the house, you can add green accents such as ornamental plants or decorative displays with natural nuances. The presence of this plant in addition to being liked by pets also makes the room feel fresh.

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