22 Clever Ways To Decorate Home With IKEA Vittsjo Table


If you’re asking what’s best about IKEA furniture, I can say that they are simple, multifunctional and easy to hack into our favorite. IKEA Vittsjo laptop desk is one of the best examples that IKEA furniture is more than what you might expect. This is a cool table with simple straight lines in metal that gives a graphic touch to furniture and places an interesting frame in your room, and glass gives a light and airy feel to the smallest corners of your home. Features an adhesive cable clip that keeps the cable in place and out of sight. The adjustable legs allow you to level the table on uneven floors, there is still a small shelf inside to store some of the important things you need.

If you think the IKEA Vittsjo sounds perfect, you can still tweak it for a variety of needs, adding bold accents and patterns, personalizing it or hacking it up a bit to your liking. Then is Vittsjo table worthy of being part of your furniture? Here I’ve rounded up a bunch of ideas about the IKEA Vittsjo hack and how to use it around your home!


There are lots of easy and creative ways to hack up the IKEA Vittsjo table to fit into your interior. The easiest way is to paint the metal frame, replace the tabletop with wood, stone, or cover it with marble. If you need extra storage, you can add additional pedestals or shelves under the table, while additional wheels will make it easier for you to move it around. Vittsjo table is basically practical for any storage, as a cupboard or into a stylish home bar with additional shelves, casters, cup holders and many other items.


While Vittsjo desk is designed for office and work needs, it can also be used in many other ways. For example, you can use it as a dressing table, console table, TV unit, cabinet, or even as a home bar cart. This idea is very practical because the Vittsjo has the ideal size and some fairly simple storage space.

There’s no limit to how you can transform Vittsjo table, in fact you can turn it into almost anything. Leave Vittsjo table as it is and just add a few ornaments, or you can really turn it into something different. Find more inspiration you can see and turn your Vittsjo into something even cooler!




















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