December 4, 2023

5 Cool Ways To Apply Grey Colors Into Your Interior


Want your interior look cool? Or are you one of those people who like a minimalist style? Adding gray can be the best choice. This is a neutral color which is a mixture of black and white, this color is also widely recommended by interior designers. Gray enthusiasts usually dominated by teenagers, to young families, and some classic interior style also apply this color. Gray creates a relaxed and inviting feel, and you can even apply this color to any d├ęcor, from modern, minimalist, Scandinavian to classic.

Thanks to its soothing color, many people apply this color to their interior. Today I want to share 5 cool ways to apply gray and some tips for creating a dream room. Let’s have a look together!

1. Grey living room

For you who want a minimalist design as Scandinavia, try applying a gray color in the interior. Usually this style is very popular for the living room, maximizing the limitations of space by applying gray color will make your living room feel more spacious.

Use gray walls or furniture such as Scandinavian-style sofas to present an elegant relaxed impression, combine it with wood materials such as floors or wooden storage racks.




2. Grey Bedroom

Bring a warm and cozy impression to the bedroom in gray. This color is synonymous with tranquility and softness, but still gives the impression of luxury. If you like a clean and tidy bedroom, you can inspire this one.

Gray bedrooms are quite easy to make, you can start by painting one wall surface or the entire bedroom wall with this color. Meanwhile, add the sheets or blankets, curtains bed, or a matching bedroom accessories to enhance the decor.




3. Grey Kids Room

If usually kids room is more likely to use bright colors like yellow, green, or other bright colors. Try applying gray to your child’s room for a different concept. Gray color can be an option for your little one’s room. The colors are soft and neutral will make children feel comfortable.

If you think this color is too plain, mix gray with other colors for a more cheerful impression.




4. Grey Kitchen

Selection of colors including gray easy to do for any room, the kitchen is no exception. Gray gives a clean and spacious impression to your kitchen, starting from the walls, cabinets, to the countertop will give a classy look.

A gray kitchen gives a luxurious feel, even for any space. The kitchen looks more spacious and classy. You will also feel at home all day long in the kitchen!




5. Grey Bathroom

Bathroom with shades of gray make an impression fresh and natural, this color is identical to the natural stone colors. You can use gray as a wall display with stone-patterned ceramics or natural color gradations.

The calm impression presented by this color is great for a means of relaxation or relaxing in the bathroom.




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