February 21, 2024

10 Seaside Bedroom Design That Kids Will Love

The ocean theme brings a holiday feel and magic to any space in the home, and kids bedroom is no exception. I love how this theme brings more benefits than I imagined, kids will love how they can explore and get to know underwater animals, adventure under water, and maybe kids imagination will be limitless in this case.

This is a very popular theme and it’s really cute, especially the various kinds of sea animals that make kids even more curious. I think making a kids bedroom doesn’t have to be full of cartoon characters or superhero characters, in fact we bring more useful things that can educate them. This week I’ve put together a collection of my favorite seaside theme kids’ bedrooms, including furniture, accessories, wall prints, and more for inspiration.

Here are 10 kids bedroom designs that get them ready for a real adventure. Let’s check!

1. Present the feel of a cheerful kids bedroom with a variety of toys and accessories for marine animals. To make it even more festive, you can hang banners or interesting wall quotes.


2. A seaside themed bedroom doesn’t always feel full of stuff. For a minimalist look, you can simply use a wall sticker with a marine theme.


3. If the kids bedroom is large enough, you can apply an open concept with a minimalist interior style. The use of neutral colored wall paint, modern furniture, and some wall decorations will make it look cool.


4. This bedroom idea is quite simple by attaching wallpaper as the main decoration. Wallpaper with a wave theme looks comfortable and makes the room feel refreshing.


5. Bohemian style is very suitable to be applied to kids bedroom. This style can also be combined with a bright seaside theme, wall hangings and rattan furniture are the hallmarks of this room.


6. The sea theme not only makes a kids bedroom look cool with fresh blue shades, you can also place a comfortable study table in this area that children will love.


7. Take advantage of the wall area by hanging posters or prints for children’s education, such as this shark poster education on kids wall.


8. This bedroom is specially designed for boys who like cool things about sea animals. Headboard is converted into a shark head which will take their dreams to a fun underwater adventure.


9. In addition to the shark theme, you can add underwater charm to your bedroom by changing the walls to the roof with an underwater feel.


10. A vintage look always brings comfort to kids bedrooms. An iron bed, bedding set, and some marine animal toys bring a relaxing classic feel.


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