February 22, 2024

Cabin One: New Perspective Of Living For The Future

Many people think they have a nice and comfortable place to quarantine when the situation arises again. We have been through these times full of struggles, and after the post-pandemic we are ready for everything that happens in the future. As a place to stay as any to be alone and where you want to be when it happens. Cabin One is passionately designed, built for the future. Designed and developed by Cabin Spacey with a minimalist design and functional floor plan. Cabin One opens up exciting new perspectives on life for millennials who can now buy homes given that all of this can happen again. Not much different from the house in general, covering entertainment, health and regeneration characterizes a flexible design approach. Panoramic windows and roof lights feeling generous support of dim light.

Having a space measuring 25 square meters that can be tailored to your needs. This can be a hiding cabin for one person, a vacation home for the family or a quirky backyard office space. “We have reduced the complexity of the construction industry to three important elements: comfort, quality and user experience. We don’t think in square meters, we think about features, ”said Simon, Cabin One designer.

This cabin is entirely upholstered in wood with a warm and cozy interior, you will feel that staying at home feels like a pleasant holiday retreat. Modern wood cabins are made from selected raw materials, manufactured off-site and shipped completely to their final destination for easy installation. There are large windows that allow more ventilation and sunlight entering the cabin, bringing a feeling of spaciousness and make the room feel more spacious.





source: yankodesign

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