10 Best Alternative DIY Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

What decorations can not be separated from the celebration of Christmas? Of course, it is a Christmas tree. Since ancient times, Christmas has been a symbol of the merry of Christmas, where many lights, ornaments, and gifts will color it. If you have thought that Christmas trees are always synonymous with spruce trees, whether they are real or artificial fir trees, even in their development, the spruce is not always green, but has various color variations. For some reason spruce trees are indeed the best choice for enhancing decorations, but for those of you who are on a budget or don’t have much time to decorate a Christmas tree, maybe you should try alternative DIY Christmas tree.

Unlike other Christmas trees, DIY Christmas trees usually have unique and unusual shapes. Amazingly you can make from recycled materials or completely free. From tree branches to piles of used books. Here are 10 best alternative DIY Christmas tree you can try this year!

1. Take advantage of twigs for a beautiful Christmas tree on the wall. Arrange the branches to form a simple Christmas tree, then add Christmas decorations and lights to make the atmosphere festive.

2. Have a lot of used books? You can use them into a unique Christmas tree by means arranged to form a Christmas tree. Just like any Christmas tree, add decorations and lights around the Christmas tree.

3. Christmas tree ideas are very easy and cheap. You just need to assemble the photo to form a Christmas tree and frame it with lighting to form a Christmas tree. Here you can put a Christmas photograph from year to year as a keepsake.

4. Kids are the most enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas. Create their own DIY Christmas tree using paper attached on the walls, and allow children to be creative with their own imagination.

5. This ladder-shaped Christmas tree is indeed unusual. But I love how it actually functions the same as a normal Christmas tree. You just have to put the ladder on the wall and decorate it like you would a Christmas tree.

6. For an alternative Christmas trees are more creative, you can use PVC pipe with different sizes and shapes of Christmas tree on the wall. This unique Christmas tree can also be a storage area for gifts or small items for kids.

7. Christmas tree ideas are simple, but no less amazing than our collection of Christmas tree alternatives today. Create 2D display Christmas trees with rope light and dark wall background.

8. This Christmas tree is made entirely of wood. Even though it looks only triangular, you can add decorations and lights in it to create a full and festive impression.

9. If the Christmas tree usually uses a spruce or a triangle shape, this Christmas tree idea is truly unique. Cactus shaped like a Christmas tree and in general, cactus Christmas tree is also decorated using Christmas ornaments.

10. Christmas trees that also serves as a storage rack is very practical and functional. The best choice for those of you who also need a storage area. At first glance, this Christmas tree is only a triangle with a shelf inside, but the unique thing is that this shelf has the shape of a cenara tree complete with a trunk at the bottom.

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