November 29, 2023

Best 10 Crazy and Funny Halloween Decor Ideas

If Halloween decorations are usually synonymous with creepy themes, then it’s different from our Halloween decoration ideas this time. Although it is not much different with a Halloween theme in general, such as the use of skulls, witches, pumpkins and the like. But wait, this Halloween decoration is really funny and entertaining, far from the scary impression if you don’t want to be said to be ridiculous. This idea is perfect for those of you who are bored with the same Halloween theme from year to year and want something different that I believe will tickle your neighbors or even make them jealous. Curious about what I can you do to make Halloween parties more fun? Here we summarize the 10 best crazy and funny Halloween decorations that you can try yourself at home.

1. Who would have thought if this creepy skull was also afraid of being chased by a dog, see how he climbed trees just to avoid dog bites.

crazy skeleton and dog halloween ideas

2. If the pumpkin is usually decorated to make people scared at Halloween, maybe you will even laugh at this pumpkin with this cute and adorable animal theme.

cute and adorable animal pumpkin design

3. Children are one of the most happy with Halloween, and these minions scarecrow will make children compete to come to your house.

cute minion scarecrow for halloween decor

4. Halloween should not be taken seriously, it’s time to bask in the front yard with comfortable lounge chairs.

fun and relaxing skeleton in the chairs

5. Maybe the initial intention was to make a scary pumpkin, but there was something strange about this pumpkin. Are you scared?

funny animal halloween pumpkin decoration

6. Who is not afraid of witches? Maybe your children will run away when they see a witch in front of the house. But what if the witch falls while flying and only looks at her feet. Maybe kids will actually laughing at him.

funny diy witch leg ideas

7. Not enough with witches? How about this? So be careful when you want to use a broomstick.

funny witches halloween ideas in porch

8. In addition to ghosts and skulls, thieves are also a pretty creepy theme for Halloween decorations. But what would happen if the thief even ordered bad luck until his head was stuck in a tree.

outdoor halloween decor stuck in the tree

9. Besides pumpkin, wood can also be used as a decoration for Halloween’s outdoor stairs. But don’t like this Halloween wood.

rustic tree stump pumpkins

10. What happens if the skulls hold a party on Halloween night. Imagine where the drinking water comes in if the only thing left of them is a skull.

skeleton drank to the death

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