September 30, 2023

Beautiful Prefab Cabin to Life in Nature

mono prefab cabin design

This pre-fab cabin is perfect for those of you who want to feel coexist with nature and blend with the surrounding environment. Designed by Drop Structures has at 9 feet wide, 12 feet high, and 16 feet across, the cabin is a truly unique Mono and unpretentious. The cabin is shaped like an icon for the house, this pre-fab cabin comes and is ready to live, can be taken and placed literally anywhere you want. Can be for vacation homes on the lake, river banks or even mountain peaks.

The cabin provides three styles that you can choose as needed, the Mono comes with an extruded profile and an option that has glass panels on the front and back. This cabin incorporates 9 feet x 12 feet of skylight glass, ideal floor space for beds, sofas, and even a small workspace with an open concept. There is also a deck length of 4 feet at the entrance, to the needs of you enjoy the sunrise and sunset while enjoying a coffee with friends or family. At night, this cabin features 6 pan and plug-point lights, strong core insulation, and even electric heating to keep you warm. Be prepared for the natural beauty around you, and if you are with daily activities, maybe now is the time for you to take a vacation.

mono cabin in lakeside


beautiful prefab cabin design


mono cabin with nature surroundings


mono cabin with workspace ideas


mono cabin living space with home office


cozy mono cabin to life in nature


mono cabin in the night


mono cabin lights with nature view


mono cabin with light decor


amazing mono cabin with lakeside and forest surroundings

source: yankodesign

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