20 Creative And Efficient College Bedroom Ideas

College bedrooms is a substitute home for each student who will begin the lecture. Although the size of the room is not too big, but you can also design it in such a way. Even just a simple design, your small bedroom will feel more comfortable to live. I have compiled 20 creative and efficient college bedroom ideas that you can imitate,  just scroll down and find your favorite bedroom!

college bedrooms with large window

Position the bed next to large windows. This is the easy way to make the effect more spacious rooms.

white college bedroom design

White color that dominates will make your room more comfortable to live.

small and long college dorm room

Do you have a narrow dorm room but long? Examples wrote ideas on this one!

loft college bedroom ideas

Bedroom in a loft can also be transformed as comfortable as possible. Place the potted plants that also make your room more fresh!

cool college bunk bed design

You can change under bunk bed as a desk and a place to store goods.

college bedrooms with sofas

Comfortable sofa can still enter into the small bedroom. Just put under bunk bed!

college bedrooms with bookcase storage

You got a lot of stuff? Try stacking on bookshelves so impressed neat as well as a display.

cool bookcase wall storage

Want bookshelf funny? You can see designs like this!

college bedroom lighting ideas

Installation of many lamps as decorations and make your room look more spacious.

straight line college bedroom design

Place the cabinets, desks, and mattresses straight line, this way you have a spacious place in bedroom.

college bedroom with lighting decor

With adequate lighting, narrow room will still feel comfortable.

double college bedroom ideas

This design could be a solution for you staying with your friend.

college bedroom with workspace

Beds and desk study could be the answer you are always learning while sleeping.

college bedroom with living areas

Small space but want to have a guest room in bedroom? Can all!

college bedroom with floating bookshelf

Floating bookshelf can be a mainstay so that your bedroom look more broadly.

college bedroom with large mirrors

Putting a large mirror on the bedside in order to make room look twice as wide.

black and white college bedroom

Black and white can be an easy solution to make a small bedroom looks classy!

college bedroom with cabinet storage

This multifunctional cabinet could make more room looks neat and airy.

small college bedroom look spacious

You do not like a lot of stuff, it will match has a small room but look spacious.

creative and small college bedroom ideas

This bedroom design could be a solution for you who want to save space.

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