Inspiring Mug Wall Storage Ideas

mug gallery wall ideas

I have so many mugs that I got from his own collection, wedding gift, until memento from a friend or mate. This makes I thought to collect them and want to put them on the wall. Mug coffee or tea can be used to create a wall storage mug, I start making simple wooden planks for them. It turns out this mug wall fun, you can see various attractive designs that you can apply yourself at home. Shape mug unique and funny pictures are absolutely adorable, kitchen is the perfect place for them. If you have a collection of mugs like me, might be mug wall ideas can make your inspiration. Look at fun things you can do with them!

wooden mug wall design


mug wall storage ideas


mug wall kitchen storage ideas


mug wall kitchen calender


mug wall designs


mug gallery wall design


coffe mug wall ideas


open shelving mug walls

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