15 Cool And Clever DIY Charging Stations

DIY charging station ideas

Without us knowing now technology exists everywhere, and it does not just mean in the workplace. Phones, tablets, laptops, iPods all pretty much make the house untidy and always with a low battery. Like when you take your tablets to check dinner recipes, or mystery shrinking battery bar, right when you need to call in to work, or even to you who have a child in their teens just can not leave home without their mobile phones? Or worse, five different devices plugged in and left a lot of chaos on the sofa. If you have all the problems, this post will fix it with some cool ideas and intelligent charging stations so that whole family can not only keep track of their technology in one place, but also make everything neat and ready to go. So wait no more, find your favorite charging station!

DIY charging station organization ideas


DIY kitchen charging station shelves


colorful fabric phone charging station


bedside table charging station design


cool DIY charging stations


simple drawer charging stations


box crates charging stations


DIY tablet holder and charging stations


DIY key holder and charging station


modern drawer charging station


simple DIY family charging station


repurpose DIY charging station ideas


college dorm charging station hack


wooden family charging station ideas

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