7 Favorite Interior Colors That Boost Your Mood

The use of color in the interior is believed to be able to have a different impact on each person, this decoration is also an important element that can change the feel of the room as we wish. Each color has a different impression for anyone who sees it, and if at this time you need interior color inspiration but are still confused about choosing a paint color for the walls of your home, today I will show you 7 of my favorite colors to help you find the best mood. Although the taste and personality of each person is different, but I believe the day one of this color would you like.

Curious about what colors are suitable for the walls of the house? Here are my favorite house paint ideas that will lift the mood. Don’t miss!

1. Fresh green

Green is a color that is always close to nature. Use this color if you like a refreshing natural atmosphere. Apart from being a wall paint, the addition of green furniture and indoor plants will make the room feel very cool and comfortable.

2. Bright yellow

Love bright colors? Yellow may be the best color for those of you whose interior is bright and cheerful. Adding yellow to the interior will keep you enthusiastic and always think positively in starting your daily activities. Pastel yellows are the best choice for those of you who want to brighten up the atmosphere, while for a softer look you can try mustard colors.

3. Calm blue

Blue is my favorite color. This color is able to give a calm nuance to any room because it is a cool color. Apart from that, blue can also give you a comfortable feeling like the soothing water element.

4. Cute pink

Pink is the color most liked by women. This color is often associated with a prominent feminine style. Pink actually become part of the red color, only the color is more dominant with pastel. This color choice is perfect for those of you who have a feminine soul and want a soft feel to the room.

5. Masculine black

Black is synonymous with men. This color is very popular for those of you who want to build a male cave because of the mysterious and masculine impression it presents. Even though black is sometimes considered to make the atmosphere dark, for those who like this color it actually gives peace of mind that cannot be obtained from other colors.

6. Minimalist white

White is the dominant color and is most often used in interiors. This color is indeed suitable for any room concept with various themes that can be adjusted. Colors that reflect the simplicity, minimalist, clean, and modern at the same time. In addition, white is also suitable for those of you who want a calm feel to rest.

7. Romantic purple

The color purple is often interpreted as the color of the widow. Even though this color is able to trigger creativity and romantic feelings because of its presence. There are several colors of purple as wall paint, such as dark purple for an elegant look in an interior, while light purple has a lighter and more cheerful effect.

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