15 Functional Bookshelves For Tiny Spaces

pretty tiny interior with wall bookshelves

For those who are lucky to have a big house will love the idea of a spacious library, especially if you are a collector of books that have many collections to store. This will be very different if the tiny space we have, need creativity to be decorated and refined especially when concerning the storage and display. That’s why when you want to look for a bookcase idea, it not only provides enough storage but also has to take up as little space as possible. You should also consider the visual impact when you want to add a bookshelf in the room, whether it be in the living room, bedroom or even the hallway. The best choice of bookshelves will not only make a statement but will also embellish your overall decor. If you are dreaming of a time to have the great library you expect, check out the following 15 functional bookshelves ideas and be prepared to be inspired!

small bookcase for wall mounted shelving


built in bookshelves ideas


above door book storage for small spaces


built in bookcase in bedroom walls


tiny bookshelves staircase design


diy kids bookshelves for tiny spaces


tiny nightstand bookshelf storage


tiny balcony with bookshelves rack


small bookshelves storage in under eaves


tiny hallway bookshelves storage with exposed brick wall


clever bookshelves wall storage with hidden doors


cool loft beds with bookshelves organizer


teen boys room with bookshelves wall system


modern bookshelves in staircase

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