February 23, 2024

Rustic yet Modern Kitchen Designs

rustic yet modern kitchen designs

This dream kitchen located in the south of France, I immediately dropped the option after seeing rustic yet modern design. Being in an old mill house in Nimes, close to the border of Provence and Languedoc. This kitchen belongs to a interior designer, Marie-Laure Helmkampf and these images become a feature of a Spanish magazine, Nouvo Estilo. This feature shows the island before the old reception desk is at a workshop in Marseille. Combination ingredients in the kitchen is very interesting: oak, the smooth white countertops, the stone back wall. Visible light, bright, sleek and rustic all at the same time, worn and weathered, but still modern style. Examine every detail of kitchen below and visit their site showing about complete!

rustic yet modern kitchen furniture


rustic yet modern kitchen decoration

source: thekitchn

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