September 30, 2023

15 Best Of IKEA Shoe Cabinet Hacks You’ll Must Know


Without you realizing it, shoes often become a problem when left alone. Especially if at home you just keep all your shoe collections in one cupboard, even if they are used together, sooner or later it will cause a mess. We’re always lacking when it comes to shoe storage, and how to keep it looking great without sacrificing space. Maybe it’s time to start looking for shoe cabinet ideas that actually work optimally, and we can’t get enough of IKEA hacks.

This post is dedicated to the best IKEA shoe cabinet hacks. Check out the easiest way to store all of your shoe collection without sacrificing the aesthetics of the room. Here we are very happy to share with you, and see how they manage to organize all the shoes without sacrificing space. Get inspired!

IKEA Bissa Cabinet Hack

IKEA Bissa is a shoe cabinet that is not too big and plain in size. However, its small size actually makes it practical to put in your entryway and you can even hack this small cabinet in a number of interesting ways. Starting from painting the cabinet with a beautiful color, and you can also add an easy knob or handle. Another idea, cover the cabinet with wood accents or use wallpaper to make it more varied.






IKEA Hemnes Cabinet Hack

Hemnes shoe cabinets are also very popular with IKEA hack fans. Painting and staining are the most used ideas for changing the look of cabinets to match your interior. Choose any color you like and then add a contrasting table to make the piece stand out. Changing knobs and handles is also welcome to give it a different look. Some other ideas might include wood paneling, covering it with moldings, or adding a wood texture to make it warmer.






IKEA Trones Cabinet Hack

On the last list we have the Trones shoe cabinet which will save you a lot of space as it is shallow and practical for storage. Like the previous idea, if you feel this cabinet is too plain then just add some repaint or cover it with decoupage. Finish the table top according to your space, such as light wood, colorful wood, white wood, and many more. Arrange IKEA trones cabinets against the wall or place them in the entryway as part of an organized home decor.






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