Tavolo Kids Table Design by SDI Fantasia

tavolo kids table design by SDI Fantasia

Tavolo is combination of kids table for drawing with simple shape, this table was designed by SDI Fantasia with pure form of circles, triangles, and qualifications are easy to match with variety of spaces. Kids more comfortable because it has the perfect height when sitting, especially when drawing in the room, so enjoy the combination of and work well in large venues such as school child care and kindergarten. Tavolo come in three different shapes and colors, Tavolo-Shinkaku: yellow triangle table, Tavolo-Maru: pink round table, and Tavolo-Shikaku: table blue box. Look at kids table design following and get one or all of their collections!

tavolo kids table furniture


tavolo sankaku table


tavolo maru table


tavolo shikaku table


tavolo outdoor kids table


tavolo kids table designs


tavolo indoor kids table


tavolo colorful table design


tavolo kids table plans

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