7 Easy Ways To Decorate Masculine Room That You Must Know


Masculine style is always associated with men because they tend not to care about interior design or room arrangement. Actually, this assumption is not wrong, but it is also not completely correct, men also have their own style and tastes that make them comfortable, and that is what we call a masculine room. Like room styles in general, masculine rooms can still maintain aesthetics and a modern interior design that is visually pleasing.

Creating a masculine room isn’t just about confirming stereotypes, it’s about creating a tough style with bold furniture and decor, while prioritizing function. So, a masculine room is more about designing an interior that conveys warmth, strength, and a sense of the person who wants to live in it. Below we have summarized several easy ways to decorate a masculine room that you must know. Let’s take a look!

1. Masculine color scheme


Forget about bright and soft pastel colors in a masculine room, instead masculine color schemes tend to be stronger, darker and contrasting. Masculine colors usually look moodier than dark colors and warm neutrals, often avoiding bright shades such as yellow, pink, or other striking colors. Classic neutral colors like black and white are also suitable for masculine spaces. However, you can also add a unique touch by including pops of color or metallics as a way to provide accents.

2. Masculine furnitur


Masculine furniture has the general characteristics of being large and sturdy, even straight lines will give a strong masculine appearance compared to furniture with fine details. Another characteristic is simplicity and sharpness, furniture tends to be more square with curves and simpler carvings. Of course, leather furniture is known as a material that is basically associated with masculine characteristics and is used in almost all spaces that are intended for men.

3. Masculine pattern


Try playing with patterns when creating a masculine room. Some strong prints like paisley and brocade can look truly masculine if the colors are right. Plaid, tartan and Southwest prints are also often seen in masculine rooms, especially those favoring a farmhouse style or rustic aesthetic. Another idea, a strong yet subtle animal wall painting can enhance the masculine vibe.

4. Masculine texture


Dark textures with lots of wooden elements add a strong feeling, character and appeal to a masculine room style. It can be used as an architectural piece, for example a wooden beam on a ceiling, installed as traditional paneling or built-in cupboards, or featured in furniture pieces. Strong materials, such as exposed brick walls and corrugated metal also have a very masculine appeal.

5. Masculine accessories


Accessories are an important part to have in masculine decoration. Apart from that, you can also include your “personal stamp” in a room. A room should express who you are as a man, not just the fact that you are a man. This can be seen from using unique accents, such as antique decorative displays to old machine parts, or anything else that expresses your personality. The great thing about masculine decor is that some of the rules about what you can’t bring into the house can be broken.

6. Masculine wall decoration


Your space should reflect who you are and what you like, and this includes the art and wall decor you choose. It is important that your wall art not only reflects your preferences, but it should also reflect your style and personality.

7. Masculine textiles


The choice of textiles plays an important role in masculine decoration. From bedding to pillows to upholstery, textiles literally bring together the entire look of a room. There are several firm rules that you should know about masculine textiles. These textiles tend to have stronger properties, for example less chiffon or more leather.

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