7 Decorating Tips To Make Modern Boho Bedrooms


Boho or bohemian decoration always succeeds in creating the impression of a calm and comfortable room. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why you can choose this style for the bedroom. Additionally, a boho style bedroom combines various textures, patterns and colors to create an eclectic look. Actually there are no specific rules about decorating a boho room, but this style is usually synonymous with bright colors, such as pink, gold, blue, green and orange, which are combined with unique items as part of the decoration.

As it develops, the bohemian style follows many existing interior trends. This can be seen from the combination of Scandinavian, modern and minimalist styles, using a neutral color palette with simple furniture choices. It creates a variation of bohemian style known as modern boho or urban boho. Modern boho itself adopts the most prominent bohemian elements, such as rattan, wood, macrame, and ethnic patterns on pillows and carpets. Don’t forget to add a natural impression with indoor plants and a touch of green.

Here are some tips for decorating in a modern boho style that is suitable for bedrooms. Let’s check it out!

1. Wood and rattan accents


The warm color scheme looks perfect on bedroom walls combined with natural accents of wood and rattan. Starting from beds, nightstands, wall shelves, to bedroom floors. Use a carpet that will keep you comfortable, also add a rattan storage corner to add a boho impression to the bedroom.

2. Display artwork


Bohemian style is all about freedom and self-expression. So, you are free to add any decorations including works of art. Display photos, paintings and crafts of any kind and create a wall gallery that adds personality to the bedroom.

3. Give it a natural touch


Apart from the wood element, the green element of indoor plants is a symbol of bohemianism. You can decorate your room using various types, colors and sizes of houseplants. This use of greenery provides a pop of color within a neutral color scheme and also works really well to clean the air.

4. Neutral and natural color scheme


To give your bedroom a modern boho look, the color scheme relies heavily on neutral hues inspired by nature, such as brown, sage green, mustard, beige, and many more. Cover the walls with white to make it easier for you to create your dream color palette.

5. Textile layering


Textile layering is one of the central elements in boho style decoration. You can layer the blanket with a throw-blanket, or add a screen curtain above the bed which gives a calming impression.

6. Filled with natural light


Bohemian bedrooms usually feel light and airy. This is due to the use of natural light that comes in and provides a bright feel. The solution is to use thin curtains so they don’t block the light. Instead, use white curtains that allow natural sunlight to enter.

7. Unique decoration with vintage nuances


To strengthen the boho impression in the bedroom, use unique decorations that have a vintage impression. It can be anything, like accessories you collect during the holidays, antiques, or even recycling old items into decorative displays.

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