23 Stylish And Saving-Space Dog House In Under The Stairs


Your furry friend needs a comfortable place in the house, so why not use the area under the stairs for the dog house? In essence, dog houses allow pets to have quality time, whether they are napping or playing with their dog toys. It can also assist in getting around space constraints as well as limiting access to parts of the house as needed.

While building a dog house takes some effort and effort, it is also rewarding for the dog owner. The doghouse gives you more opportunities to supervise them, keeps the house from clutter and keeps your furry friend happy.

Apart from making use of the empty space under the stairs, can the dog house also look good so that it blends into the interior design? Of course! And today I’ve rounded up some dog house ideas under the stairs that will make your dog feel comfortable and safe inside.


Make a under the stairs doghouse

Often we leave an empty area under the stairs, maybe its narrow size makes us often confused about what can be done there? For those who are creative, this area is a great opportunity that will add additional space to the home, from turning it into a mini bar and storage cupboard to the doghouse we’ll be discussing today. You can simply leave an empty area under the stairs and build a doghouse right in it. This way you will really save time and space, then add a mattress or pillow and favorite toys. Make the doghouse look blend in with the staircase design, do you prefer a minimalist, modern, rustic style or create an inviting dog playhouse design? Make sure it fits your space. Dog houses can have regular doors or sliding doors and can accommodate several dogs as well. Find more inspiration!









Dog house décor in under the stairs

If you consider your furry friend part of the family, why not build him a room of his own? the extra space under the stairs is just the right size to create a cozy cave-like nest for pets. Not only does it make your dog happy, it keeps your home tidy by not having a cage in the main room. The easiest way to make a dog house under the stairs is to focus on the inside, choose a floor that is durable and easy to clean and then build the walls from drywall or fiberboard. Decorate this area of the wall using wallpaper or painting it a bright color to finish off the look.

The door is optional and the first thing we see. So, if you want to be more attractive, use a unique door design such as a wooden door or sliding door that gives an aesthetic impression. A popular trend is to make the front of the doghouse on the wall around the door, then finish off the design with a sign featuring your dog’s name. Alternatively, create windows or add storage units like drawers and cupboards if the entire room isn’t being used as a doghouse.














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