22 Easy And Small Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas


Not all homes have a garden or large outdoor area. Apart from the limited land, caring for a garden also requires a lot of time and effort. Although creating indoor gardens has become very popular in recent years, there is nothing better than having your own outdoor garden. The solution is, you need to build a small and easy garden idea in terms of maintenance.

Succulent gardens offer low maintenance and are visually stunning, so it’s no wonder that this type of plant is often used as an alternative to narrow gardens. These water-wise plants display a variety of beautiful leaf colors and shapes, while their modest size allows you to style your garden while adapting to the size of your plot of land.

If you’re looking to jump-start your succulent growth, try some of these succulent garden ideas that will give it an edge. Please scroll down and get inspired!


Learn about succulent plants

Succulents are a term given to a group of plants that have one or more parts of their bodies that are thicker and fatter, can store water and can grow even with limited water sources. Its distinctive features are in the water-storage leaves which vary from the leafless cactus spines, to the fat and fleshy water-holding oars, to the fat beads or fingers. Succulents come in all sizes, from tiny plants you can place in containers to large landscapes, to a variety of colors from pale green, heart red, and purple.


How to grow succulents

Most succulent plants can only survive in warm weather, so they cannot tolerate cold temperatures. So, when you want to plant it, try to dry the soil well. Add drainage by making a berm or mound when you want to place it in a container or in the ground. Choose an appropriate garden style such as a desert garden using rocks and sand to help build elevation to your landscape. Even though this plant is water efficient like the cactus type, you still need to water it regularly to avoid drought.


Outdoor succulent garden ideas

There are no limits to how you can decorate the outdoors with succulent plants. The most popular idea is to mix these tiny plants with sand and rocks. Display succulents against a backdrop of rocks or be part of your garden path. If your garden is small, you can plant it near a fence or gate, while adding containers and pots is practical when you want to move it.

A succulent garden can be a centerpiece highlighting your landscape. Create a large anchor arrangement that surrounds the garden, such as adding a large agave or barrel cactus. Containers are practical because they fit the small size of the succulents, many of which have beautiful leaf colors and shapes. Find more inspiration from the succulent garden collection below and create your own arrangement!



















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