21 Amazing Kid-Friendly Staircase You’ll Must Know


Stairs are a central and inseparable part of a house of two floors or more, which is why stairs must be made safe for the whole family. Apart from its function as a link between one floor and another, the design of the stairs also needs to be thought out and considered so that it fits with the overall concept of the room. If you think the stairs at home are according to your wishes, but are they really child-friendly? For those of you who have children at home, of course stairs can be scary, so safety factors cannot be separated from using stairs.

Many people have to think twice when they have to build a level house, especially if they have children at home. As we know, houses with more than one floor require you to build stairs which sounds dangerous for small children or toddlers. Now, you can be calmer because there are lots of kid-friendly staircase ideas. I’ve collected examples of child-friendly stair designs that are not only safe, but also visually appealing. From rainbow stairs to a fun under-stairs play space, make the stairs the safest place in the house.


Kid-friendly stair design

Kids at home are often careless, and for some reason the stairs are always their favorite playing place. So, stairs must be designed to be truly safe, as much as possible make sure the stairs are not slippery, so that they don’t endanger children when they want to use them. If you are still confused about how to make child-friendly stairs? Below I want to share some easy tips that you can apply on the stairs at home. Let’s take a look below!(


Choosing stair floor material

When you want to build safer stairs, make sure you choose the right stair floor material. Apart from being an important part of the stairs, the use of stair flooring materials also greatly determines the safety of the stairs in the house. It is best to choose a stair floor material that is not slippery, such as granite, wood, or ceramic with a non-slip natural stone texture.

Stair nosing

Have you ever heard of stair nosing? This is one of the important elements to further improve the safety of stairs at home. Stair nosing is a special anti-slip material added to each edge of the stair tread, so it is often known as stair nosing. The purpose of using stair nosing on stairs is to prevent slips and falls when walking on stairs. Apart from maintaining safety, stair nosing is also good for increasing the beauty and character of stairs.

Stair railing

Lastly, we have the stair railing or banister. This is one of the important elements that should not be ignored when making stairs at home. The stair railing functions as a security feature and can also be used as a handrail when you want to climb or descend the stairs. So, it can also add visual appeal and beautify the interior of your home.



















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