20 Awesome Laundry Room Decor For Christmas Season


As the Christmas holiday season approaches, I’m trying to bring Christmas to all areas of our home. Almost every corner of the room felt festive with Christmas decorations and knick-knacks, but I forgot about one of my favorite places, even though I am there quite often. Christmas decorations in the laundry room make doing laundry a little more fun, and that’s what Christmas is all about to bring joy to any space.

I am someone who likes to try new things but also gets bored easily. So, when organizing the laundry room this Christmas I will be taking it slow as it can be overwhelming trying to get it all done at once. The laundry room is easy to decorate because of its small size, and the Christmas wreath above the window is one of my favorite little spots. You can also add any Christmas theme you like to your decorations, here are some inspirations for you to try at home. Merry Christmas!


Color and style

The laundry room can be really boring, especially if your laundry piles up because of the holiday season. So, maybe it’s time to add some Christmas cheer to your laundry room decor. The easiest way is to continue the room style, so that you just maintain the same style. The same also applies to colors, you can use all the colors that are trending at Christmas, such as green, red, yellow, or a monochrome look with black and white. Some gold, silver, or metallic colors provide a modern feel, or show off your laundry room with a rustic country house Christmas style.


Decoration and furniture

A small Christmas laundry room may feel even more cramped when filling it with various decorative elements. The solution is to arrange the room so that it can accommodate a washer and dryer at the same time, perhaps a sink on the vanity and some shelves. While a large laundry room may have a cupboard, apart from being a storage area, you can also display various Christmas decorations or accessories in it. Use wall storage to save floor space, add a small cupboard or side table to place a mini Christmas tree or your favorite Christmas display. Wall-mounted solutions offer functionality without taking up room. Organize your storage and Christmas decorations with baskets or chests.

Get more ideas below to create your favorite Christmas laundry room!


















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