20 Aesthetic Black Bedroom Ideas That Most Trendy


Many people think black is a dark color and gives a gloomy impression to a room. Maybe, this is the reason black is often the last list when choosing wall paint colors, especially bedrooms. Apart from being synonymous with a dark room atmosphere, black in the bedroom also feels a little scary for those who have a cheerful personality. However, in reality black is still a favorite of many people when they want to decorate a room.

With the right color arrangement and accent mix, black can actually make a bedroom look more aesthetic and stunning when combined with other colors. If you are someone who likes a masculine style or want to bring an industrial touch to your most personal space, then black is worth considering. Here are some ways to use black and keep it comfortable for the bedroom!


Black for some walls

Turning an entire bedroom black might sound extreme. So, the solution is you can try adding a little of this color to some of the bedroom walls. Apply black to one side of the wall while white or a lighter color to the other side. Neutral color accents can provide an interesting contrast to a bedroom. Apart from that, the black side of the wall also looks very elegant when combined with furniture made of wood. In order not to feel monotonous, add some wall hangings, decorative displays or ornamental plants in the room.


Black color for the whole wall

Don’t be afraid to try new things that you may have never done, such as changing the entire bedroom wall with black paint. This style is suitable for those of you who like a masculine look and want to bring a cool impression into the room. In order not to feel excessive, mix black wall paint with wood furniture or contrasting colored bedding sheets. This color accent is also often called monochrome which always looks aesthetically pleasing.


Black color for the whole room

If you are a fan of dark or gothic rooms, try making the entire bedroom black. Starting from the color of paint, bed sheets, beds, furniture and other decor elements. Even if the bedroom is all black, you can still provide bright accents such as adding white wall hangings, contrasting color pillows, or playing with lighting.


Black color for furniture

You don’t have to change the entire appearance of the room to get the black accent you dream of. If you are not brave enough, try incorporating a little bit of black in the furniture. This method is very practical and easy without having to spend a lot of money. For example, choose a black bed, wardrobe, or lamp. To add to the aesthetic impression, also mix some black furniture with gray or neutral wall paint.

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