Korean Hanok House: A Mix Of Modern Elements And traditional Style


In addition to the Japanese architectural style, there is another interesting house design from Asia, namely the traditional Korean house or known as the ‘Hanok’ house. Currently, everything that is inspired by South Korea is indeed popular in the world, from its films and dramas, music, art, fashion, culture, to architecture. Traditional Hanok houses date back hundreds of years, and have developed over the centuries in Korea. The characteristics of this house itself tend to be natural, simple, elegant, and prioritize functionality.

No matter how fast the times are developing, for Koreans culture is one of the important things that must be preserved. This can be seen from the majority of Korean house designs adhere to the style of ancient traditions combined with modern elements. However, the characteristics of traditional Korean houses still look very thick. The combination of traditional elements and modern style is what is now known as the Hanok house.


Simple interior with natural look

As we know, the Hanok house style emphasizes natural accents and simplicity, so that almost all parts of the house are made of wood which brings a strong accent to traditional Korean houses. Inside, you will see many wooden elements such as walls, floors, windows, ceilings, to furniture. The interior style also plays on many colors and tends to be natural. Usually consists of dominant soft colors so as to create the impression of a warm, harmonious, natural, and calming room.


Hanok house color choice

Talking about Hanok houses, you will not find bold and flashy colors because they show more natural accents. Popular colors in this interior such as white, cream, brown, or warm colors. However, you can still combine it with several colors at once as long as no more than three colors are excessive. The choice of soft and neutral colors can make the house look minimalist, airy, and clean. Hanok houses are also often connected to the outdoors and maximize natural lighting from the outside.


Hanok house decoration

Adopting the traditional Korean style, Hanok home decor features many decorative items, such as wall displays, indoor plants, or aesthetically pleasing furniture. You won’t see a variety of colors or furniture in this interior style, on the contrary, the minimalist and simple impression saves a lot of space but is still functional. Find more of your favorite Hanok house designs below!












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