24 Smart Ways To Hide Your Workspace At Home


Workspaces at home sometimes require a lot of space, and often take up the space you have. If you are a person who works from home or likes to bring work home, a home office becomes an inseparable part of your daily activities. The home office is where you spend your time and complete any work that can all be done at home.

The development of technology and the internet allows us all to easily access all information, even working from home is now the choice of many people in the midst of the difficulty of finding job vacancies. That is why, the home office must be made as comfortable and practical as possible to support each of your work.

Turn a closet at home into a workbench and shelving arrangement, or create a hidden workspace with creative ideas. Be cloffices, tiny workspaces, or built-ins. Find more clever ways to hide your workspace here!


Workspace hidden in the closet

Any closet in the house can be turned into a hidden workspace. No one will suspect that in your wardrobe there is a workspace complete with storage shelves. This idea is very practical because it doesn’t take up a lot of space, besides that you can also avoid the clutter caused by limited space. Workspaces in the closet can be used whenever you want, and they won’t spoil the view. The design of this workspace usually uses a table that is attached to the wall and consists of several stacking shelves.


Built-in workspace in the corner

A corner of the room is usually just left empty. Now you can use it as a built-in workspace. Workspace ideas can be built in any room in the house and will not interfere with the mobility of the occupants of the house. You just need a little space in the corner of the room, add a chair and some decorations. Your workspace is ready without sacrificing a lot of space.


Hidden workspace with sliding doors

Adding sliding doors not only makes your interior more aesthetic. The idea of ​​a sliding door can also be applied to any room you want to hide, including the workspace. From wooden sliding doors, minimalism, to barn-style doors, you can adapt the sliding door design to whatever room concept you have.


Hidden workspace with shutters or curtains

Covers or curtains are the easiest way to hide your workspace. In addition, curtains can also be used as a stylish room divider. You can create a hidden workspace with curtains in any room including bedrooms, living rooms, or even living rooms. To make the room look neat, give curtains with various interesting motifs. Check out more workspace ideas below!




















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