22 Tidy Ways To Hide Your Kitchen Storage


Many things determine the beauty and comfort of a kitchen, from design and decoration, layout, selection of equipment to the right kitchen storage ideas. Having enough storage space in the kitchen is of course the first thing to consider in order to keep the heart of this house tidy so as to avoid all the mess. A narrow kitchen does make it difficult for us to put a lot of kitchen equipment. That’s why, you have to think creatively in arranging and choosing storage units.

The best kitchen designs turn storage needs into opportunities to make the kitchen feel more spacious as well as a design statement so that the kitchen is tidier and aesthetically pleasing. It is undeniable, organizing storage areas in the kitchen or pantry also requires its own tricks. If you like a clean kitchen, or need a solution for the pantry? this time I want to inspire you with many ideas of closed cupboards, hidden pantries, room dividers, and other ways to keep your kitchen tidy. Let’s see!


Hidden Kitchen Storage

Making hidden kitchen storage is very effective in avoiding all the mess that you often encounter in the kitchen. Even though the kitchen is not too big, sometimes this room still requires quite a lot of storage space. From kitchen utensils, jars, spice containers, fruits, vegetables, meat, to several bottles of wine, they need extra storage space. Create a hidden shelf or pantry that will look great in any room in the house, including the kitchen. This storage area usually uses a functional door that can be closed and opened as needed, or creates a special storage room connected to a secret door. Applying hidden storage not only makes your kitchen look neat, but also displays a modern minimalist impression.










Hidden Kitchen Design

The concept of a hidden room is indeed interesting because it gives you more space in the house. If you like the concept of a room like this, you can also use a hidden kitchen that is suitable for a minimalist interior style. Use sliding doors made of wood or other materials to hide your entire kitchen. Put the kitchen in any area of the house, because it is hidden, the room will still look neat. A hidden kitchen can blend with any room: living room, family room, it can even be placed in the front room of the house.












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