22 Stylish Bedroom Design Combine With Dog Spaces


Having a pet dog is like being part of the family, maybe even many dog lovers consider their pets to be more loyal than human friends. Your furry friends will never leave you when you are in trouble or hurt, they will always be there for you no matter what your circumstances are. If you love your dog so much, it’s best to think about what makes them cozy living with you.

We can start with what your dog likes, it can be a favorite food or a dog space that makes them feel love and warmth in the house. Creating a dog space may be the best option, but it can be difficult if you live in an apartment or space with limited space. The solution, you need to find the best dog place that might get you closer to your beloved dog.

The bedroom may not be the only place people think of when they want to create a dog space, but the bedroom is the most cozy place in the house and the combination of a bedroom with a dog room is one that you can consider. Curious as to what? Here are some ways to create a dog space in the bedroom for you to emulate!

Dog Nightstand

The nightstand is a piece of furniture that always complements your bedroom. This bedside table is usually a place to put a night light, books, drinks, and other things that are easily accessible when you rest. Now, you can use the nightstand as part of the dog room by making a dog bed in it. The size of the table is not too big when it fits into a home or a comfortable dog bed. You can line the bottom of the shelf with a blanket or pillow to keep your dog happy. In addition, you will always be close to them at night to wake you up with their cute faces.












Dog Bed And Furniture

Placing dog furniture in the bedroom is the easiest way to create a dog room. There are many creative ways you can do with simple DIY projects, from making wooden dog houses to dog beds out of old things. Put dog furniture in the corner of the room or blend with the furniture you have. A bookshelf or cabinet can be inserted into a dog house or recycle old items such as wooden crates, old suitcases, and storage boxes into a comfortable dog bed. As another idea, you can add a theme like boho or scandinavian style with dog tents, rugs, and colorful textiles. Here’s some beautiful dog room inspiration for the bedroom!













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