Pool And Outdoor Lounge By Marià Castelló


Pool and outdoor lounge is a project that arises from the desire to create baths and recreation areas as the core of the relationship between home Can Xomeu Sord two centuries old, located in the village of Sa Talaissa (La Mola) on the island of Formentera.

This project was designed by Marià Castelló, Architecture, as a desire for landscape integration, intervention must be rooted in the complex network of walls and additional construction made of traditional dry stone that characterizes the traditional rural settlement in the smallest region of Pitiüsas. This limitation is transformed into an opportunity to inaugurate a subtle filter between two houses that offer a close but adjacent, open meeting point with a beautiful view of the La Mola lighthouse, which is infused with local traditions while echoing modernity.


Pool is lined by two parallel walls and an old enclosure, setting out the main guidelines, the exact location and some construction details of the intervention. . A sheet of water measuring fifteen by four meters seeks a point of contact with the eastern wall, becoming overflowing above it.


On the east wall that coincides with a sheet of water, undergo dematerialization leaving only a trail of gravel with the same type of stone to that of the wall. From these precise boundaries, natural heterogeneous rugs on top of the topsoil can be continued freely. The glass is covered with cut white Macael marble measuring 60x40x2, distinguishing between the beach area and the swimming area itself. All floors have been finished with a solid pine platform which is well cared for.











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