How To Using Carpets That Suitable For Any Room

Adding floor rugs not only beautifies the appearance of the room, but also gives a comfortable feeling because of the soft and warm sensation of your feet. Carpets are very suitable to use especially during winter, any area in the house will be warmer by choosing the appropriate rugs. Today there are a lot of floor carpet design with many options that can be tailored to your personal character.

The many carpet design choices are indeed very interesting to consider, but sometimes it also makes you confused in determining the best carpet design. Many shapes, sizes, motifs and diverse carpet material, of course, will be different in each room. Today I want to inspire you with floor rug ideas that you can use in any space.

Living room carpet

The carpet in the living room is the most popular, apart from having many functions, the living room rug becomes a comfortable footing when you sit on the sofa or when you receive your guests. For the living room, you should use a carpet that is large and has a soft material such as a fur rug or a carpet made of thick material.

Dining room carpet

Slightly different from the living room, the dining room carpet serves more to protect the floor from spilled drinks or fallen food scraps. In terms of aesthetics, the dining room carpet also make this room look more beautiful and gives the impression of warmth when you and your family enjoy a leisurely meal. When you decide to choose a dining room carpet, make sure the size of the carpet can accommodate all parts of the furniture in the dining room.

Bedroom carpets

Add a comfortable means of relaxation when you wake up in the morning. The carpet in the bedroom will not only make you feel when you step out of bed, but also make the bedroom look more beautiful. You don’t have to choose a large carpet, a small rug is enough to greet you with a soft feeling.

Kids room carpet

Not only do children’s spaces look cute, but children’s rugs usually have fun motifs and themes so they can become areas for play. In addition to choosing a fun carpet pattern, waterproof and easy-to-clean carpet material is very important because children usually like to spill something or make a room dirty.

Bath mat

For the bathroom area, carpeting used slightly different from the rubber room in general. Add a comfortable bath mat to avoid you from the slippery bathroom floor. Bathroom rugs not only keep the sink area dry, they also provide soft footing.

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