Ascaya Residence In Nevada By SB Architects


Ascaya residence designed by SB Architects is located in the Nevada desert, CA. It is the epitome of lifestyle “desert contemporary” for a true modernist house, which features a floating roof, horizontal lines are sleek, folding glass doors and clerestory windows to let the sunlight long desert sign in the right amount.

Various natural elements filled the construction of this house. Stone, wood, glass and metal are a full blend of aesthetics as the foundation of a home for its surroundings.


The use of spacious windows with large overhangs allows the desert landscape to naturally fit into any interior of the house while creating a functional shady space outside. This residence seeks to blur the line between indoor and outdoor, desert architecture respects natural beauty and brings the environment to the forefront of home design. The design is heavily influenced by the idea of arrival, admiration, and private retreats. The focus is on creating a zone within the home that fully supports the concept of entertainment, family gatherings and retreats.


This residence provides a living room, dining room, and a spacious kitchen as the center of a real experience, with an open wall almost entirely dealing directly with an infinity pool and views of the valley. On the other hand, the master suite is on the ground floor, situated at right angles to the rest of the house, opening onto the swimming pool and yoga courtyard.




On the top floor, there is an additional bedroom and an office occupy the second floor above. However, this level can be turned off completely, so that the floor of the house can be completely self-contained. This second level acts as a privacy screen, blocking pool and courtyard views. Together, the roof and horizontal planes above the three structures form a terraced roof line that echoes the terraced terrain.





photography: ciro coelho

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