7 Cool And Stylish Wooden Shoe Rack Ideas

Shoes are a support for all your daily activities, so don’t be surprised if you probably have a large collection of shoes at home. However, many people often forget to keep their shoes in the right place, even because the large collection of shoes actually makes shoes easily damaged and not maintained. The best way is to make sure shoes are stored on special racks in order to look presentable and make the quality of your beloved shoes remain durable and protected from damage.

For those of you who are currently confused about finding cool shoe storage ideas, today I want to inspire you with various wooden shoe rack ideas that will make your home look even more stylish. Organize and store your shoes with this shoe rack idea and get the many benefits you can get!

1. Modern shoe rack

Combined with a bright pink color, you can use this shoe rack design in a modern or minimalist world. In addition, this shoe rack can accommodate more shoes because it consists of several shelf units.

You can use this shoe rack for any room, its slim shape is perfect for those of you who don’t have much space in the house with limited space.


2. Triangle wooden shoe rack

If you want a unique shoe rack display, then you can use this shoe rack design.

Having a geometric or triangular shape, this wooden shoe rack is perfect for a boho or Scandinavian style room.

In addition to the unique, triangular shoe rack design also allows you to save a lot of shoes from the bottom to the top.


3. Vintage wooden shoe rack

Vintage design always gives an elegant natural impression. Has a rough wood texture making it a part of your home decor.

Apart from being a shoe rack, this wooden shelf is also able to display some art or miniature items to beautify the room.


4. Hang wooden shoe rack

Selection shoe rack hanging model is very appropriate for those who live in small or confined area. you can place it behind a door or wall.

This wooden shoe rack can also be made yourself if you are creative enough. Apply simple DIY ideas and create the wooden shoe rack design of your dreams.


5. Wooden shoe rack with benches

For those of you who live in a limited area, we recommend that you have functional furniture including shoe racks.

This wooden shoe rack idea also functions as a bench or chair that you can use at home.


6. Wooden shoe rack with display ideas

Besides functioning as a shoe rack, this wooden shelf can also be used to show off your collection items.

Add a mirror to look more stylish and give effect that feels more spacious.


7. Wooden shoe rack cabinet

Want to keep your shoes tidier and more organized? Use wooden cabinets with many layers of shelves to store your footwear collection.

This wardrobe will make your shoe storage neater because it uses a wooden cover or is made of glass. By selecting a closet, your shoes will be more durable because it is protected from dust or fungus.


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