5 Cool And Cozy Interior With Natural Lighting Ideas


Making the room feel cozy and look bright and rosy is perfect for this season. Even though it is already warm outside, for those of you who are lazy to go outside, maybe you can try alternative natural lighting.

Interior ideas with natural light will light up your day at any time, it’s also a brilliant idea to dissipate energy and manage the extra costs of home care. Use natural light for the interior of your dreams. In addition to the open concept, applying skylights are very popular today. With skylights you not only let more sunlight into the house, but also make the interior feel brighter and more pleasant. Here I recommend 5 cool and cozy interior styles with natural lighting ideas.

1. Family Room

The living room is the best area where we often spend quality time at home. This room is usually in the middle of the house, with a variety of comfortable furniture for the family.

Instead of having to add a lot of light, try to include more natural light in the living room. In addition to making the room brighter, natural lighting can also warm the atmosphere.



2. Living Room

The living room is an important area in the house where you often receive guests, be it friends or family. That is why, the living room decoration will really support the first impression.

In addition to adding the theme you want, a living room with natural lighting also gives the impression of a unique and bright in the room. This living room idea is perfect for those of you with a limited area to make it feel wider.



3. Kitchen

The open kitchen that is integrated with the outdoor does provide its own charm. However, not everyone is lucky to own a large area of land or outdoors.

Adding natural lighting such as skylights is a practical way to create the bright kitchen you want. This idea is very practical and make it more fun cooking time.



4. Dining Room

Love throwing parties or eating outdoors? If your outdoor space is too narrow, so why not get around this by applying an open concept? These dining room ideas will bring more of the outdoor atmosphere to your table.

Starting from the roof to the glass walls, open dining room is worth considering.



5. Sunroom

It is common for a sunroom to have more natural lighting than any other room in the house. However, have you ever thought of creating a relaxing space in this area? Apart from the glass roof and open space concept, some comfortable furniture is very helpful for you to relax.

Add bookcase or houseplants to make the room more fun, the best sunroom for a lazy day.



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