5 Best Room Partition Design To Get Inspired

Open concept residences do have advantages and disadvantages, on the one hand you can make a small room feel wider, but on the other hand the open space concept makes you have no privacy so you are confused about managing the functions of each room. The solution, an open space partition is effective for dividing any room you need, while giving you privacy by adding a little decoration. This furniture element is also functional as a concrete room divider and adds aesthetics to the open-space concept.

There are lots of room partition designs today. Starting from curtains, cupboards, wooden boards, shelves, and much more. Most importantly, every room partition design you choose must pay attention to function, essentials, and of course space saving. If possible, also choose a multifunctional room partition, such as combining it with bookshelves, plants, or being part of an interior style. Still confused about determining the right room partition idea? Check out the 5 best room partition inspiration below

1. Cabinet partition

The open space concept prioritizes multifunctional furniture so that the room feels wider. That’s the reason you should choose a versatile room partition design like this cabinet partition. Aside from being a space divider, the shelf can be used as a display rack and a place to store other decorative items


Cabinet partitions are probably the most popular today, in fact I’m sure almost every residence with an open space concept places one or two cabinets as part of their interior. In addition to being practical and neat, you can place them in any area because they are easy to move


2. Wooden booth

If you want to bring a minimalist impression to an open house, try applying a room partition with a wooden booth model. This room partition usually consists of wooden booths with a variety of designs. The natural impression and warm wood color make your interior feel more comfortable.


This room partition model may not be functional because it usually can’t be moved, but considering its thin size and natural-feeling design, it’s still worth considering. This wooden partition design can also be used as a room background


3. Plant room partition

Similar to a wooden booth, the use of plant room partitions will make any room feel natural and refreshing. If you are an ornamental plant lover, make a plant rack or hang it into a room partition.


This room partition idea not only makes your room look more beautiful, but also gives you inspiration when placing it in your workspace. For the living room, use wire or iron as a place to put plant pots.


4. Folding partition

Want a room partition that is practical and easy to store, maybe this folding model room partition is what you need. The material is made of wood or bamboo poles of natural color. It usually consists of three or more fold planes.


You can choose the partition density as you need. For a wider impression, choose a folding partition with a large opening. Meanwhile, if you want more privacy, a hole that almost covers the entire partition.


5. Curtain partition

For a room with a simple and minimalist style, you can choose curtains as a partition. The key, choose a fabric that is flexible and then adjust the color to the overall interior. Avoid choosing a curtain partition with a motif because this will make the room feel cramped.


Apart from saving space, curtain partitions will also not spend a lot of budget, are easy to install, and make the interior feel softer.


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