20 Amazing Garden Landscaping Ideas With Horsetail Reed


Many people are often confused about choosing the type of plant that is most suitable for their garden landscape. Usually certain types of plants are quite easy in terms of maintenance, you can even get the landscape you want in a relatively short period of time. Horsetail reed is probably one of the most popular for any garden design. This plant with another name equisetum is also known as puzzle grass or snake grass and is a plant that is quite practical and interesting to use in today’s modern gardens. The towering form is often used as a fence, barrier, or part of the garden landscape itself.

Recognize & grow horsetail reed

Horsetail reed is an annual plant with a reed-like appearance and is often chosen as part of landscaping. This plant is very happy to grow in dry and marshy soil which makes it able to survive in any climate. At the beginning of planting, horsetail reed requires fairly routine maintenance. You can plant it as a hedge or place it in a container to prevent horsetail reed from spreading throughout the garden.

This plant is best planted in early spring to avoid the danger of freezing. The best advice is to grow from seed using a separate planter container or box. Horsetail reed thrives best in less extreme sunlight, so be sure not to leave it in a place with intense sunlight. This plant also requires a good level of moisture and is able to thrive in clay or sand.





farmhouse-garden-with-horsetail-reed-container garden-bench-with-horsetail-reed-plants


Horsetail reed landscaping

Horsetail reed has a dark green, jointed stem that can be used for any landscaping idea. As the main part of the garden to your garden design background. Generally, horsetail is very popular as a hedge plant or as a garden privacy that can grow quite tall. As an accent plant, horsetail reed will be very attractive with its green color that you can enjoy all year round. This is a choice of plants that you can use for any type of garden.












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