10 Best Outdoor Study Space And Play Areas

Every parent must have experienced the difficulty of asking their children to learn. No matter how old your child is, studying becomes an activity that they think is boring because they have to spend hours in front of the desk. If your kids desire to learn begins to decline, maybe you need a little comfortable space to motivate them more, one of which is by building an outdoor study space.

Studying outdoors may sound unusual to some. However, creating an atmosphere of learning and playing has proven to be effective in increasing your child’s productivity and creativity. Start with a playhouse with a study table, or turn your backyard into a learning zone that kids love. Here are 10 of the best study rooms and outdoor play areas that will make learning even more fun!

1. Wooden A-frame playhouse

This A-frame playhouse is made of kid-friendly wood. It is not only comfortable for studying but also a very safe play area.


2. Backyard shed

Turn your backyard shed into a cozy study area by adding lighting and some cushions.


3. Tent reading nook

Your little one will be even more excited to crawl with their favorite book in this tent.


4. Small playhouses with desk

Create a small playhouse with a table and a few benches that will invite anyone to study inside.


5. Chalkboard and sandbox

The combination of a chalkboard and a sandbox will allow children to play and learn new things they love.


6. Indoor/outdoor kids desk

So that your little one doesn’t get bored quickly, you can place a kids desk that is integrated into and out of the room.


7. DIY playhouses

Some DIY projects like a playhouse with a reading corner will always be a favorite with kids. Give ornaments or colorful banners to make it more attractive.


8. A-frame playhouses with clear roof

If you don’t like the shape of a closed A-frame playhouse, try getting around this with a clear roof. Besides providing natural lighting, your little one will be more enthusiastic about doing their schoolwork.


9. Outdoor kids desk

When the weather starts to clear and the season is warm outside, why don’t you take the kids desk outside? Outdoor learning atmosphere will provide more inspiration for your little one.


10. Farmhouse style house

The calm and cool atmosphere of the farmhouse is the theme of this playhouse. Apart from being a playground, children will not mind bringing their textbooks here.


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