December 10, 2022

7 Cool Decor Ideas To Beautify Your Small Bedroom

The bedroom is a private area where you often spend time there. Even though your bedroom has a limited area, you still need to add some decorations so that you feel comfortable when in the room. Of course, the comfort factor is important but you also have to make the bedroom look inviting and match your personality. Add some ornate decoration to create your own dream bedroom, do not have to be expensive because with a few simple items is more than enough to bring the atmosphere is completely different. Starting from rope lights that will warm the atmosphere to wall plants that make you feel like you are outside. Here are 7 cool ideas to enhance your bedroom with a limited area.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants never fail to add beauty to your room. This also applies to the bedroom, add more green thumbs to your personal space and it will keep you in the mood all day long. You can put the plants in pots or place them on a wall shelf.

Collage photo wall

Capture every precious moment in your life through a series of photo collages. Instead of displaying with textures, now there is a cool way to display it in the room. Make cute shapes like a heart-shaped photo collage, as well as a decorative piece.


Apart from the main lighting, the light sleeper is also a great addition to your decor. Usually this lamp has a warm light and is a little dim because it functions as a substitute for the main light. You can make a light sleeper with interesting designs such as hang on the side of the bed or stick it near the headboard.


Whatever you choose decor for the bedroom, the clock must always there to help you organize your schedule and activities you want to do. The choice of clocks is also very much like wall clocks, or hour clocks but try to choose a clock design that also enhances the aesthetics of the room.

String lights

I am sure many teenagers will love the string lights, especially those who are still studying or living in dorm rooms. The string lights will not only beautify the bedroom, but also give a light silhouette that is comfortable even for a small area.

Wall posters

Are you a music fan, a movie or a particular work of art? Adding a wall poster according to the character or pattern you like also makes the bedroom look cool. You can display posters of your favorite band groups, favorite movies or motivational words that will keep you excited.

Memo boards

Memorable photos, important notes and some cards are too valuable to keep in the cupboard, even if they are all easy to lose and forget. A memo board can be a practical solution for those of you who want to display some small but valuable items. Apart from that, memo boards can also be a great addition to bedroom decor.

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