35 Minimalist Balcony Garden To Maximize Your Space

For gardeners, there is no limit to where they should start, even small spaces like balcony can be turned into ideal gardening areas. However, sometimes it is not everyone can do it because the hardest part is to maximize a small space to fit our desires. Let’s start with simple things, decide where you will start gardening, whether you want to fill the balcony with plants or just make a small garden for relaxing. Some balconies have been designed to complement the design and decoration of existing homes, so it will be easier for you to make the concept the way you want without having to change existing designs. Don’t forget to consider your available budget. With some balcony garden ideas, you can create a space of relaxation without spending a lot of budget. That is why minimalist balcony garden are asked for and are the best solution for those who live in urban areas.

The balcony is a small area that is often overlooked sometimes. Though this area is a paradise for those of you who live in apartments or urban homes. Apart from being a relaxing area, the balcony can also be transformed into your own city park. Basically balcony was already in the open space, so you do not have to worry about how much sunlight will receive your balcony. In planting plants or gardening, sunlight becomes an important element for plant growth besides fertilization and regular maintenance.

If you don’t have time for gardening, use a light and start gardening at night. With proper planning, you can create a garden balcony designed to serve the needs and functions of your gardening. For example, a balcony can be a good area to channel your gardening hobby, as a relaxation area or you just want to add a green thumb to the outside of your room.


































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