20 Halloween Bookshelf Decor Ideas Trending This Year

Halloween is coming soon! That means there will be a lot of creepy decorations seen in almost every home. As well as a few places where we can decorate or incorporate a variety of Halloween themes, bookshelves are perhaps our favorite. This is the season which means all the Halloween book became the most searched this year. Today I don’t want to talk about what books are the most recommended for Halloween, but how to organize and design a bookshelf suitable for Halloween. There are many Halloween bookshelf designs that you can apply to any space, from children’s reading corners to stylish bookshelves. Here’s what you need to celebrate Halloween with fun decorations.

For kids

For kids, Halloween is a fun festive season where there will be lots of candy, costumes and more playtime with friends. And like last year, the children will be busy selecting their favorite Halloween books they wanted to show to his friends. I’m sure kids already have their own handpicked Halloween book, so today we’re going to make a Halloween bookshelf decoration to go with it. Even though it’s Halloween, just make sure the bookshelf design is kid-friendly and not too overwhelming. Do not give accent to the decor spooky, otherwise give bright colors and cheerful while maintaining the theme. A display bookcase with multiple levels might be an easy, space-free option, a simple bookcase that’s easy to reach for kids, or consider creating a cozy reading corner for Halloween.

For Adults

Do you like reading or even have a library at home? Then Halloween bookshelf decoration should be a top priority. Bookshelf in addition to being a favorite area could also be a focal point in the home both in the living room, family room or as a decoration in the bedroom. I’m sure you’ve been hard at work preparing for Halloween decorations this year, and adding this touch to the bookshelf will enhance the overall style. You can add Halloween accessories like cobwebs in the bookcase or add pumpkins if you want a touch of autumn too.

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