10 Popular Patio Cover Ideas You’ll Must Have In Summer

This season is the best time to be outside, basking in the sun and sit on the patio while enjoying the outside air is refreshing. But now our space is limited, and sometimes people feel sitting outside is also not safe because we must always stay at home. Are you a creative person or are you really bored having to always be at home? You can still maintain your health and be safe from Covid-19 by making a patio cover for an enjoyable relaxing area. This might sound a little exaggerated, but keeping you and your family safe is a priority now. Then how to create a cozy patio cover and make your patio shine? Today I will inspire you with 10 of the most popular patio cover ideas that you must have in the summer.

Below I have collected the best patio cover ideas for any style. From pergola with vines and flowers to a modern sunroof design that warms the atmosphere, there is a patio cover with bamboo curtains and an indoor patio cover that is comfortable for everyone. Do not miss!

1. Hang Flower Patio Cover

Want a beautiful patio look at the same time refreshing? Why not try to hang flowers and plants. I love the idea of this patio cover with beautiful summer shades, soothing curtains, black and white carpets and charming farmhouse style.

2. Tropical Themed Patio Cover

This is the right time to bring a holiday feel to your home, and this tropical-themed patio cover should not be missed. Warm wooden floors combined with the tropical-style roof adds to the impression of leisure outside the home.

3. Patio Cover String Lights

Don’t like hanging flowers or plants? String lights then this could be a good alternative for decorating your patio cover. Soothing lighting is very important in building an atmosphere, and the terrace is the right area to do it.

4. Patio Cover With Vines

Pergola is everyone’s favorite for patio coverings, and the addition of vines will give a great statement for your outdoor space. A living room beneath a place convenient for anyone who wants to relax.

5. Patio Brick Wall Cover

Want a really safe patio cover? Use the concept of indoor/outdoor with brick walls and large windows. This decoration feels even more comfortable with a combination of rattan chairs and benches.

6. Rustic Pergolas Cover

In addition to modern pergola, you can create terrace cover ideas with your own DIY pergola. Alluring rustic style, and of course with low maintenance seems worthy of consideration.

7. Modern Skylight Cover

Skylights or sunroof is great as a functional patio cover. Try what can be stretched so that you can easily set it as a really safe cover or leave it open to get full sun.

8. Window Patio Cover

Actually you do not have to really be outside just to enjoy the atmosphere outside the home. Use a cover with a wall cover and many large windows that make you feel like the outside. This patio cover idea is great for small spaces.

9. Painting Patio Cover

Use color into your patio cover in an unusual way. You can paint the terrace with favorite colors such as the ceiling that contrasts with other areas below.

10. Bamboo Curtain Cover

Bamboo curtain is an inexpensive yet able to add a great style on your terrace. Bamboo is very light and easy to move, of course it will be easier for you to place them in any area you want.

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