30 Modern And Gorgeous Dorm Room Ideas For Teenage Girl

College is the best place for every girl to dare to express themselves. Not only about fashion, teenage girls also like to vent and express what they want, including in decorating a dorm room. As a student, you can not be separated with dorm life. Whether you live alone or share with your friends, there will always be a cool way to decorate a dorm room. If a lot of teenage girls are happy with sweet things, look at dorm room decorations that tend to be bohemian in style, light straps or even photo decorations. Today I want to invite you to redecorate her dorm room to make it look more modern and contemporary. But decorating a dorm room may not be as easy as you think, you have to be really smart in placing your belongings and furniture in a room that usually isn’t more than 5 square meters.

Modern dorm room design is perfect for those of you who like a minimalist look, do not need a lot of stuff but still functional, and most importantly this room can be a comfortable place to rest, study or even tell stories with your dorm neighbors. Amazingly, you can enter any theme for modern dorm rooms. Do you like bohemian or Scandinavian style? Minimalist style that wins, or makes it fit your hobby. To help you determine the best dorm room decorating ideas, here are 30 dorm room gallery should know teenage girls. Scroll down and find your favorite!






























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